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DpuScan Gold


Besides the functions of DpuScan Professional, the version DpuScan Gold offers the following expansions:

Color Filtering with DPU Color Filter
Color Filtering with ACDP Color Filters
Area-Dependent Dynamic Threshold Method
Selecting the different Filter Types
ReScan on Demand (RSoD)

DpuScan Gold is available in three different variants:
DpuScan Gold unlimited

DpuScan Gold unlimited makes it possible to define filters and to generate additional images by filtering. Different filters can be defined and be used one after the other, for filtering from color to color, from color to gray, and from gray to black/white. There are no speed limits and no monthly scan quantity restrictions and the module for defining ACDP Color Filters is included.
DpuScan Gold Limited Edition

The scan speed is adapted to the relative scanner being used. We offer different speed versions, but again there are no monthly scan quantity restrictions.
DpuScan Gold Limited Edition contains all functions of DpuScan Gold unlimited, except the module for defining ACDP Color Filters. This module is available as an option. Nevertheless, ACDP Color Filters can always be executed.
DpuScan QSI

DpuScan QSI is the optimum version for post-processing and for indexing of scanned batches. QSI holds for Quality assurance, SQL database connection and Indexing. The maximum scan speed is restricted to 32 images per minute. All other processing steps, however, are executed in the maximum possible speed of the computer.
DpuScan QSI contains all functions of DpuScan Gold unlimited. Also the module for definition of ACDP Color Filters is contained in the delivery scope. In addition, the two PlugIns for Indexing and for Connection to SQL data bases are already included in the scope of supply.
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