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DpuScan standard DpuScan Professional


The version DpuScan Professional offers, further to all functions of the Standard version, the following expansions:

Automatic Job Post-Processing (Polling)
Definition of Event Rules
Upload by Broker Call
User Dialogs
Bates Stamping

  • DpuScan Professional allows server operations to be defined for automatic post-processing without user attention. This way, for example, post-processing is possible for scan jobs which were scanned on other scan stations within the network. This provides an automatic capture workflow.
  • OCR and Pixtools® can be used also in batch operation for whole document piles and not only for single files. Single OCR strings are available as system variables and can be transferred into the protocol file or be handed over to the Broker. It is however also possible to use full-text OCR for the whole file and to store the results separately.
  • Further to the protocol file for exporting to subsequent document management systems (DMS) it is possible to include a self-written Broker-DLL.
  • Event Rules can be defined.
  • With the "Bates Stamping" function, electronic reception stamps can be added to the image automatically (text and bitmap are possible here).
  • An additional statistics file for recalculation can be generated. DpuScan 4.0 can record and protocol processing times. A table calculation program can easily evaluate the accounting data achieved this way.
  • Event-controlled, freely definable user dialogs can be used to enter special job data.
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