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The DpuScan Software is Scalable to the Scanner Capacity

DpuScan is available in two different editions:

Unlimited Edition

There are no speed limits and no monthly scan quantity restrictions. The different versions differ only in their functional range:

DpuScan Gold unlimited contains all functions described here and also includes the module for defining ACDP color filters.

Limited Edition

The scan speed is adapted to the relative scanner being used. We offer different speed versions, but again there are no monthly scan quantity restrictions.

DpuScan Gold Limited Edition contains all functions of DpuScan Gold unlimited, except the module for defining ACDP color filters. This module is available as an option. Nevertheless, ACDP color filters can always be executed.

Order Numbers Unlimited Edition:

453.825080.001 1 DpuScan Standard
453.845080.001 7 DpuScan Professional
453.885080.001 9 DpuScan Gold
453.882004.000 0 DpuScan QSI

Order Numbers Limited Edition:

453.882003.010 4 DpuScan GL-10 for 10 Scans/Minute
453.882003.016 0 DpuScan GL-16 for 16 Scans/Minute
453.882003.025 1 DpuScan GL-25 for 25 Scans/Minute
453.882003.032 0 DpuScan GL-32 for 32 Scans/Minute
453.882003.050 2 DpuScan GL-50 for 50 Scans/Minute
453.882003.100 6 DpuScan GL-100 for 100 Scans/Minute
453.882003.150 6 DpuScan GL-150 for 150 Scans/Minute

Order Numbers for Additional Functions:

453.201302.001 7 DpuFinalize
453.201101.001 5 DpuProcess
453.892003.000 0 Define ACDP color filters

Scans are counted per each sheet. For simplex scanners, there is one image per scan, fpr duplex scanners there are two images per scan

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