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DpuProcess DpuProcess


DpuProcess is no separate product but a functional extension to DpuScan. DpuProcess takes batches created by DpuScan and performs further processing on the batches in background.


Long, time consuming image processing may slow down the scanning process. Full page OCR during scanning will not let a fast scanner run at its rated speed. Separating the image processing from scanning will let the scanner run at its maximum speed. After scanning, batches are processed with no need for user control. Each scanned batch will be queued for further processing and is automatically picked up by DpuProcess.
Beside image processing, DpuProcess may also finalize the batch.
Most often DpuProcess is used for full page OCR to create searchable PDF files.

A license for DpuProcess can be ordered as an add-on to DpuScan.

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