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DpuScan 4.11 and DpuArchive at the DMS Expo 2004
Demo of the passenger referendum at DMS 2004

DpuScan 4.11 at the DMS Expo 2004 in Essen

DpuArchive was launched as part of the latest release of DpuScan 4.11 at the DMS show in Essen Germany in September 2004. This new facility adds a powerful Document Archiving & Retrieval System, using a built in SQL database at no additional cost.

At DMS an example of DpuScan 4.11 with DpuArchive was demonstrated showing how a public transport company had completed a Passenger Movement Survey.

The passengers where interviewed and the results entered onto paper forms. The form contained details of the bus number; all stops on the route and the type of ticket purchased, the interviewer then put a cross in the relevant boxes & manually entered the fare paid. For passengers who started their journey outside the public transports company’s area, the interviewer notes the start point on the questionnaire.

DpuScan 4.11 (with DpuArchive) was used to scan the questionnaires, the line numbers were then evaluated by OCR, the new OMR-PlugIn evaluated the data marked with a cross, and the new ICR-PlugIn evaluated the fares, so everything was prepared for archiving. By using the Index-PlugIn the start positions outside the area could be added, the rare errors of OCR/ICR could be corrected. The completed data was then exported to DpuArchive where the passenger referendum survey was then available for direct access.

With this application example, several new functions of DpuScan 4.11 could be presented at one time. In total, however, besides many enhancements in the detail, the following innovations are now available:

  • Wizard for creating standard configurations. Here, the target systems can already be selected from a list of renouned DMS suppliers. The user can enlarge this list by himself.
  • Query of user name and password for restricted access is possible, optionally.
  • Job Flow control by import and export of OpenJobs, but also possible by job status variables.
  • PlugIn for recognition of Datamatrix 2D barcodes
  • PlugIn for recognition of PDF417 2D barcodes
  • PlugIn for recognition of marks (OMR)
  • PlugIn for recognition of hand writing (ICR)
  • PlugIn for ODBC query in databases, for example to validate index data, or to read additional index data
  • DpuArchive with Client/Server – database, is included as standard with every DpuScan 4.11 license. Annotations can be added to archived documents. Index data criteria can be added during indexing with DpuScan, or indexed retrospectively in DpuArchive.
    DpuScan & DpuArchive offers unrestricted usage, only requiring a DpuScan 4.11 license; these features are available on all versions of DpuScan from smallest GL16 to the full Gold version.

DpuScan 4.11 will be available from October 2004 on.

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