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Additional feeder for XINO S700
New leftside feeder option for XINO S700

Efficiency through ergonomics

The digitization of paper documents, such as day-to-day incoming mail, has in a great many companies long since ceased to be a secondary task that can be performed by employees on the side. Dedicated workstations with special ergonomic requirements have been developed.

Ergonomics doesn't simply mean greater comfort for the operator of some piece of equipment; it's also a benchmark for easy, error-free handling as well as for efficiency and uninterrupted workflows and a cost factor, to boot. While developing its XINO S700 high-performance document scanner, Janich & Klass GmbH, paid a huge amount of attention to the factor of ergonomics. The XINO has, for example, an optional height adjustment feature that allows users to set it up as a workstation at which they can stand. The paper transport and handling systems have likewise been designed for comfort and to save time. In addition to the standard delivery tray at the front, a special feature of the unit is an extra document outlet at the rear that can be activated as required. This rear document output also serves as a sorting tray. While scanning is in process, patchcode sheets or entire packages of sheets in-between patchcode sheets can be sorted out without any interruption to operation of the transport system.

New leftside feeder improves the productivity

A brand-new option available for the XINO S700 is the alternating feeder system part of Janich & Klass's Best Image Quality concept. This high-performance scanning system is the only document scanner on the market for which there are two versions of feeder that are super easy to interchange. In addition to the classic feeder with autocentering document tray, Janich & Klass now also offers a left-justified tray. All documents are drawn in from the left-hand side of the stack, which greatly simplifies document preparation, especially in stacks comprising documents of different sizes. Auxiliary appliances such as paper joggers and squaring guides can be used. Another significant advantage is the standardized print track for pagination purposes, which allows documents of different sizes to have pages numbers printed on them in exactly the same place prior to being scanned. XINO scanners already installed on customers' premises can also be retrofitted with this new option.

The fact that the XINO S700 in combination with ingenious software and many more intelligent functions offers great productivity and scanning quality can basically be taken for granted. One thing that really does stand out is the XINO-Capture software. Its innovative control concept enables the capture software to be controlled completely and remotely directly from the touchscreen of the scanner. "Operating a high-performance, document-stack scanner like the XINO from a PC is distinctly disadvantageous because the documents are actually processed in the scanner," says Dietmar Janich, Managing Director of Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH. "With fully configured procedures based on XINO-Capture, operating the scanner entirely from the scanner itself and therefore controlling the capture software remotely is far more effective." But XINO-Capture can do much more than this: The software is tailored for intuitive use by means of the touchscreen. Which functions are actually made available to the user depends on the respective profile. Following authentication with the aid of a standard USB flash drive, precisely and only those controls the user requires are displayed on the touchscreen.

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